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Remix - (Justin Bieber - Love Yourself)


DJ & Show Man

Accomplished pianist and real show man, whatever the kind of music played, he adds sometimes something more by playing on his keyboard or his guitar keyboard during his mixes, in order to add a spectacular dimension to the party.

Gifted with great artistic flair, David Ardem is a remarkable ‘Frenchy’ with a remarkable résumé.  Native of Paris,  he played his music for festivals and clubs of the most greatest towns in Europe, before to come to settle at Miami to express his talent in the US.  Also composer and music producer, he has many collaborations with European artists, famous French filmmakers and luxury brands for their fashion shows.  If he likes to mix house music, in clubs or during his shows,  the great musician

who he is, knows to adapt the music he plays according places, parties or events to give people always more pleasure and make them happy. 





T: 786-605-8783


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